Gina Dye

Communications Director

Gina has always been ahead of the curve in marketing communications. At 20, she landed a job at Europe’s first PR firm for technology companies, BIPR, where she helped create brands such as Epson, NCR, IBM, Neve Electronics, Bose, Sony UK, Sun Alliance, Shiva, Pace, Fujitsu and Sage. When BIPR was bought by Shandwick Group, Gina took the chance to gain a broader industry experience, planning and executing complex pan-European PR campaigns for leading multinationals. However, she soon found the working practices of a larger agency restrictive and, all too often, not in her clients’ best interests.

Her determination to do what her clients’ needed earned her the name of “the little revolutionary” among agency management. But her clients appreciated the difference. In 1988 Gina founded her own PR agency, MCC International Ltd.

Her reasoning was that a smart efficient agency could compensate for lack of scale by ignoring traditional big-agency convention. By devising her own rules for doing business in the new culture of high tech publishing, Gina’s ability to attract the right talent was crucial. At a time when the general public was confused by new concepts and industries, a talent for communication was a rare commodity that made the difference between boom and bust.

Gina’s policy of hiring journalists and marketing creatives raised eyebrows at the time she devised it, but it became a successful model that every other technology PR firm has since emulated. Over the next 22 years MCC International became an award-winning business-to- business PR agency. In the tech sector, it enjoyed a strong reputation for service, the quality of its results, and its ability to create innovative and effective communications strategies.

In 1999, the agency expanded to incorporate a consumer division. But even as the company grew, Gina remained hands-on, often taking on the role of Account Director and involving herself in strategy, planning and implementation. In June 2010 she decided it was time for some fresh challenges and handed over the reins at MCC to her long-standing management team. Gina joined White Label Media as Communications Director, bringing her expertise and contacts to the agency and establishing our PR Division. She works with our associates to devise marketing communications strategies and campaigns that will actively grow our clients’ businesses.