Dealing with Time Wasters

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Dealing with Time Wasters

In my last blog I complained bitterly of the increasingly frustrating spectre of time wasters past, present and future. I also promised tips on how to deal with the varieties of these infuriating and often clueless beings.

Well, I lied. There is only one tip. And here it is. You just say 'No'.

Yes, that's all there is to it, folks.

It's hard. We all know that. Nobody likes to turn down business. I hate doing it. My very soul screams in pain at the thought of it. But there are times when we must face the facts. If you're not making a profit, what's the point of the grief? If there’s no gain, you can keep your pain.

They'll promise you ongoing business. They'll hold the carrot of next year's increased budget. They'll tell you that a dozen agencies are all queuing up to handle the work for 50p an hour. None of it will be true.

Sometimes standing up to people works. They give in. They realise their ploy is worthless, they accept that you aren't in fact running Mrs Miggins' Charity Pie Shop and they agree to a fair fee. They might even confirm a budget if you're really lucky. You can then occasionally go on to build a two-way relationship of respect. Or something akin to it.

The real time wasters will retire ungraciously, still insisting they can get it all for free somewhere else and then sink without trace. Because nobody ever does anything for free and if they do, they don't do it for long.

Just as decluttering makes you less tense, deblustering has enormous health benefits. You’ll be able to address other business with renewed vigour. Yes, honestly.

Everyone has to realise their own worth and, as painful and scary as it sounds, this means you have to turn work down sometimes. You'll feel better for it. Even if your bank manager doesn't. By turning down the bad things you can say yes to the good ones. It’s those that’ll make your business stronger in the end.

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