Miles for Pints as New Balance and Strava Pull off Brilliant Exercise in Branding

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Miles for Pints as New Balance and Strava Pull off Brilliant Exercise in Branding

Brands are always looking at finding new ways to engage with the communities they serve. Some come in the form of well crafted PR stunts to create brand awareness around specific events, while others are designed to engage brand advocates on an ongoing basis. Here at WLM we applaud clever efforts at both. That's why we were delighted to hear that New Balance has decided to team up with Strava and open 'The Runaway', a pop-up pub where currency comes in the form of miles run.

Several of the team at WLM.Digital are keen runners so the idea of the miles run being logged on Strava and used as currency down the local is something that probably only hashers had previously dreamed of. Located in the heart of London on Charing Cross road, the idea is that The Runaway will act as a social hub for the running community and those concentrating on their final training for the Virgin Money London Marathon. 

So, how does it work?

Well, there are four challenges centred around training milestones aimed at runners taking part in Spring marathons such as the Virgin Money London Marathon. Runners signing up for the Strava challenge get a Runaway Card to add to the wallet on their phone and this then fills up with miles run which can then be exchanged for well deserved pints in the pub. During the run up to race day The Runaway will also be used by The New Balance Run Club community and London based Running club, RUN THE BOROUGHS, which had already teamed up with the sportswear brand to help runners explore the capital.

Complete with a fully stocked bar and dartboard upstairs the Runaway provides a cosy pub setting for runners to relax and socialise. Downstairs, runners will find a gym and weights area to stretch and work out, complete with changing rooms and lockers.

Samantha Matthews, Senior Marketing Manager at New Balance UK & Ireland said; “We’re excited to open our very first New Balance pub and look forward to welcoming runners to the bar to exchange their miles for pints. The Runaway pub brings our Everybody’s Race campaign to life and aims to empower runners throughout their weeks of training, offering an escape and reward when needed and a hub for the running community to come together and support each other.”

We're sold!

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