The Brits, Mastercard and a lesson in controlling the press

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

The Brits, Mastercard and a lesson in controlling the press

Sage words here from Sara Yirrell, the editor of Computer Reseller News, on trying to control the press in the light of last week’s Brit Awards debacle.

Yirrell quite rightly argues that good journalism is all about a free press and to suggest what those invited to an awards ceremony should be tweeting in both brand and personal capacities is certainly over-stepping the mark.

After all, as Yirrell goes on to explain, ‘Naturally, if you are invited to an event as a journalist, you will find a way to cover the most interesting news/announcements, and in the era of social media of course you are going to mention where you are and the key points arising. And use some sort of hashtag relating to said event.”

Of course, there are other underlying factors at work here when we talk about paid for media, but as Yirrell clarifies, unless you are advertising you cannot expect coverage as a given. If you have something that’s newsworthy which upsets the status quo in some way then journalists are more likely to cover it.

“I tell them the same thing. Regardless of who they are, what they do and what they spend, if their news is worthy of coverage, they will get it,” she says.

Read Sara's post here.

Further reading from the Press Gazette.

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